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December, 21, 2012
12:45 PM - N/A




Gary Czapinski

Gary Czapinski

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Clinic Synopsis:

This clinic is designed to let you know what the marching band judges are really thinking as they evaluate your show, the tools and criteria they use, and common programming mistakes that make winners or losers. Learn what concepts, themes and formulas are successful and why and how they work. Discover how to select the best show for your band incorporating appeal and entertainment values. Find out how to translate and interpret the judges’ comments and what their message really means.

Gary Czapinski - Biographical Information

Gary Czapinski taught master classes as visiting faculty, teaching the performance of outdoor pageantry production to educators across the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. He is a designer and coordinator for championship marching bands and winter guards and famous for innovation in staging of winds and creative use of stage sets, a prop master. Czapinski was an original Board member Bands of America and team that created the scoring system. He taught undergraduate classes at DePaul University and Vander Cook College. Hundreds have graduated from his Private Design Workshops and Spacial Awareness Contemporary Basics Classes. Czapinski wrote 25 DCI Finalist shows in 15 years and is a member of the DCI Hall of Fame. He is an adjudicator for band, winter guard and DCI. He is Education Director of the Midwest Color Guard Circuit and President of Visual Musical Designs, Chicago, IL.