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Are We There Yet? Improving Student Musical Expression in the Band and Orchestra

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  • Learning to perform with musical expression requires an understanding of how music works and how composers create the illusion of movement of a journey through time. In this session, sensing how music moves and how this sense serves as the basis for teaching musical expression will be explored. Practical rehearsal techniques will be presented to make students more expressive players through analysis of, and careful listening to the music they are performing.
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  • 12/19/2013 09:30 AM - N/A
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  • David S. Zerull is Professor of Music Education at Shenandoah Conservatory. Before joining the faculty he taught for thirteen years in public and private schools in Ohio and Illinois. Dr. Zerull has presented clinics at Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia Music Educators Association In-services, and at the Midwest Clinic. Presentation topics have included “Improving Musicianship in the Ensemble”, “Developing Understanding Using a Comprehensive Approach in Performance Ensemble Classes”, and “Effective Interpretation and Physical Gestures for Ensemble Conductors”. Dr. Zerull has published articles in The Instrumentalist, Music Educators Journal, Design for Arts in Education Magazine, and Arts Education Policy Review. Dr. Zerull was a contributing author On the Nature of Musical Experience, authored Getting Started with High School Band, and was a contributor for Strategies for Teaching Beginning and Intermediate Band, and Strategies for Teaching High School Band.