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December, 19, 2013
09:30 AM - N/A




Gary Markham

Gary Markham

Col. Lowell E. Graham, D.M.A

Col. Lowell E. Graham, D.M.A

Conversations about Music Administration with Colonel Lowell E. Graham

Clinic Synopsis:

This interactive session will consider Music Leaderhip and the myriad of issues and trends facing 21st Century Music Education including: Experiences That Shape our Leadership,Solving Difficult Situations, Music, Motivation, and Mentorship.

Gary Markham - Biographical Information

Gary Markham is the supervisor of music for the Cobb County School District and Senior Educational Consultant and Chief Judge for Music for All. He has more than 4 decades of experience in music education and serves internationally as clinician, guest conductor, adjudicator, and consultant. The Cobb County Music program has been named one of the “Best 100 Communities for Music Education in America,” 11 times. Mr. Markham received his bachelor’s degree from Mansfield State University, master’s degree of education from Penn State University, and studied for a Ph. D (ABD) in conducting and music supervision at George Mason University with Tony Maiello and Arnald Gabriel. He is a member of the Bands of America Hall of Fame.

Col. Lowell E. Graham, D.M.A - Biographical Information

Lowell Graham has taken on his role as UTEP’s Department of Music chairman with the same passion that he has for music. He was appointed in August 2002. But aside from leading orchestras, Graham is charged with overseeing the administration of the department. He has worked to support music faculty, improve recruitment, increase visibility of the department and provide the highest quality of music education. He's established a partnership with AOL Time Warner, now in its preliminary steps, to help improve music education. Graham has quickly earned the respect of his colleagues and students, who describe him as animated, motivated, expressive and perhaps most of all, energetic.