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December, 19, 2013
11:30 AM - N/A




James Jordan

James Jordan

A Recipe for the Development of Expressive Conducting Technique: Harmonic Rhythm, Laban Based Movement Analogues and Bodymapping

Clinic Synopsis:

This session will explore a new approach for the development of conducting technique using Laban Movement, Harmonic rhythm and Bodymapping.

James Jordan - Biographical Information

James Jordan, is recognized and praised from many quarters in the musical world as one of the nation’s pre-eminent conductors, writers and innovators in choral music. The author of over 30 books on the choral art, he has been called a “visionary” by The Choral Journal. Grammophone (2010), called him a conductor of “forceful and intimate choral artistry.” The American Record Guide has called his recordings “without peer.” Grammophone has called his is recordings “ a magnificent outpouring of intimate and forceful choral artistry,” and his most recent recording on NAXOS, Living Voices has was called “superb” by the same publication. His career and publications have been devoted to innovative educational changes in the choral art which have been embraced around the world. He has authored thirty major textbooks and DVD’s