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December, 19, 2013
03:00 PM - N/A




Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Musicians and Pain: Injury Prevention through Understanding

Clinic Synopsis:

Because the prevalence of pain and injury tends to parallel playing demands, it is important educators learn to recognize and address these issues. The music teacher is often the first contact at the onset of a students’ pain. By gaining a better understanding, they can act to protect students from injury while optimizing their performance capabilities. This clinic outlines anatomy of the upper extremities & neck, ergonomics & body mechanics, and a summary of injuries common to musicians.

Nancy Taylor - Biographical Information

Nancy Taylor is the trumpet professor at University of Texas at El Paso. She earned degrees in music from Arizona State University and Indiana University. In 2010, Taylor earned a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. In addition to teaching at UTEP, she currently works at outpatient rehabilitation facilities and is sought after by music professionals to address their playing-related issues. Taylor presented her graduate research, Career Adaptations of Musicians with Focal Dystonia at the 2011 International Conference for Medical Problems of Performing Artists, and recently she served as clinician to musicians of the United States Air Force Band, and The President’s Own United States Marine Band. Taylor was a member of the United States Marine Band, “The President’s Own” before entering the arena of academia. She holds the unique distinction of having been the first female to win a position with the cornet/trumpet section in the nearly 200-year history of the organization.