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December, 18, 2014
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM


Meeting Room W186


John Mlynczak

John Mlynczak

[email protected]

Hearing is Believing

Clinic Synopsis:

Do your students know what they really sound like? This session will demonstrate how using high-quality recorded audio and playback in class creates more efficient and productive rehearsals. We will demonstrate recording set up and simple recording techniques to maximize the audio quality both in class and in concert, as well as rehearsal techniques utilizing instant feedback.

John Mlynczak - Biographical Information

John Mlynczak offers a broad range of experiences in music education. Mr. Mlynczak is the Education Market Manager for PreSonus Audio and provides music education technology professional development and training resources for educators. John taught music and music technology at both the elementary and secondary levels, is an adjunct instructor for the Music Business program at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, is an active performer, maintains a steady clinician schedule in music technology, and is Chairman of the Marketing and Communications Committee for the Technology Institute for Music Educators. He also served as Chairman of the Creative Arts Assessment Committee for the Louisiana Department of Education from 2011-2013. John Mlynczak lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife Nicole. For more information on PreSonus music education solutions, contact John at: [email protected].