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December, 16, 2015
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM




Monte Mast

Monte Mast

[email protected]

Will $3 Million be Enough? How to Successfully Sell Your Needs to Get Resources for Your Program.

Clinic Synopsis:

“Will 3 million be enough?” was a question asked in the process of getting $4 million in instrument replacement and equipment funds placed into a bond plan. Klein ISD Director of Fine Arts Monte Mast will discuss the use of instrument evaluations, inventory assessments, and the sales techniques he used to make this a reality as well as other increases in funding, staffing, technology, and facilities. He will give you the foundation and fundamentals to create a successful plan of your own.

Monte Mast - Biographical Information

Monte Mast is the Director of Fine Arts for the Klein Independent School District. He has held this position since 2007 and has been in Klein since 1992. He has been involved with bond planning, technology, curriculum, professional development and GPA committees for the district. During his tenure as the Fine Arts Director, he has successfully added over 50 fine arts positions, built an elementary art program, and increased district spending on fine arts by $2.3 million. He recently finished an instrument replacement plan for the district’s 2015 bond issue. Monte has given presentations on diverse topics including how to get a teaching job, standards based fine arts grading, instrument evaluation, student motivation, effective presentation techniques and marching band adjudication. He conducts the fine arts stipend survey for the Texas Music Administrators Conference. He has taught and currently judges for DCI and between drum corps and marching band, has judged contests in 40 states.