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December, 14, 2016
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Meeting Room W181


John Blythe

John Blythe

Tips for Quick & Easy Instrument Repair

Clinic Synopsis:

Learn to make minor repairs and adjustments to brass and woodwind instruments in the classroom Diagnose and solve many common problems on your own –and know when to leave the repair to a professional Receive guidance on stocking your own repair kits with the best tools and supplies

Jon Mills - Biographical Information

A graduate in 1990 from Red Wing Technical College with a degree in Band Instrument Repair Technology, Jon has been with Music & Arts repair department since 1999 and performs the role of District Repair Manager upon which he oversees 5 repair shops throughout the Southeast. He has performed numerous clinics for the National Association of Band Instrument Repair Technicians in regional and national settings and is a master clinician for NAPBIRT. Jon has presented the Repair Clinic for educators in numerous formats including National and State settings. A total of 25 years experience in the industry performing Brass and Woodwind repair full-time and is an avid trumpet player. Jon is based out of Charlotte NC and enjoys sharing the knowledge of his trade to further the success of fellow repair technicians and educators.

John Blythe - Biographical Information

John has over thirty six years in musical instrument repair handling brass, woodwind & percussion repair. He started as an apprentice in 1980 at the age of eighteen at Burrage Music Company in Raleigh, NC. John then moved back to Burlington in 1982 where he ran the repair shop for C.B. Ellis music for eleven years before taking it over as his own. After owning his shop for over twelve years, in 2005 John came to work for Music & Arts as a repair service manager. John is currently the South East District Repair Manager for Music & Arts covering North & South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida region. He has taught several band director emergency repair seminars as well as NAPBIRT Regional and National repair clinics to other repairmen from all around the country and was awarded the Dick Rush Award for outstanding clinic at the 2011 National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technician Conference.