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December, 19, 2019
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM


Meeting Room W184


Barry Green

Barry Green

STRINGERSIZE: A String Workout and Technique Class for the Mind-body and Spirit!

Clinic Synopsis:

Bring your string instruments, your voice and your dancing shoes and join our demonstrating orchestra in a creative, joyful class to videos, music, beats and grooves from classical, folk, rock, jazz, funk, country, hip-hop, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Tango, bluegrass, plus minimalist New Age inspirational drones. Learn, practice and master string techniques of tone production, flawless bow changes, shifting, vibrato, string crossings, intonation, harmony and rhythm. l

Barry Green - Biographical Information

Barry Green, a native Californian, served as Principal Bassist of the Cincinnati Symphony for 28 years. As former Executive Director of the International Society of Bassists, and currently teaches double bass at The Ohio State University and Sycamore and Cincinnati Public school programs in Cincinnati. Formerly professor of bass at U. of Calif. Santa Cruz and U. of Cincinnati CCM. Green has also written 3 bass method books and many solo recordings. As a bass soloist, Green has created two new multimedia productions called Anna's Way, from Inspiration to Artistry and Anna's Gift, the Way of Passion. These unique hour-long productions are for solo bass, narration with background visuals and have been performed internationally in combo version as well as with full concert band and orchestra. Green is author of three books dealing with the philosophy of music, the mind, body and spirit: The Inner Game of Music (Doubleday, 1986), The Mastery of Music, Ten Pathways to True Artistry (Broadway/2003) and Bringing Music to Life! (GIA, 2009).