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Hope: The Musical Imperative Project

Clinic Synopsis:

Marcia Neel - Biographical Information

A veteran of 36 years as a public school music educator as well as former Coordinator ofSecondary Fine Arts in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas—home of the largest Music Education Program in the nation—Marcia now serves as president ofMusic Education Consultants, Inc., a consortium of music education professionals which works with a variety of educational organizations, arts associations, and school districts to foster the growth and breadth of standards-based, articulated music education programs. In 2016, Marcia was named Senior Director of Education for YamahaCorporation and subsequently, a Yamaha Master Educator. She also serves as EducationAdvisor to the Music Achievement Council, a 501(c)(6) organization whose sole purpose is to assist directors in recruiting and retaining students in instrumental music programs through effective professional development programs and related complimentary materials. Neel also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Percussive ArtsSociety. In these capacities, Marcia has provided innovative, interactive sessions in41states and more recently, a variety of webinars for directors, students, and school music dealers.