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December, 17, 2021
02:45 PM - 03:45 PM


W 192


Count Basie Trumpets

Count Basie Trumpets

Swinging the Basie Way - Count Basie Trumpets

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Count Basie Trumpets - Biographical Information

The Count Basie Orchestra has set the standard for big band swing since 1935, continuing today with members personally chosen by him and still performing over 30 years after his passing. With very few personnel changes, the orchestra members were able to blend into one sound and one way of phrasing that is now known as the "Basie Way." Jazz orchestras all over the world emulate this way of playing. In simple terms, the Count Basie Orchestra set a precedent in 4/4 swing at any tempo that is still unsurpassed today, with an unparalleled use of dynamic contrasts, shouting the blues at any tempo, and just making one want to dance. In this workshop, members of the Count Basie Orchestra demonstrate how you can assist your ensemble in "Swinging the Basie Way" in anticipation of their concert this evening for The Midwest Clinic's 75th Anniversary.