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December, 16, 2021
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM


W 184


Joseph Sowa

Joseph Sowa

Jamming With Your Ensemble: Leading Students To Create Original Music in Real-Time, Virtually or In-Person

Clinic Synopsis:

Creativity and collaboration in the classroom is easier and more fun than you might think. This session will give you games and activities that you can use immediately to take the scariness out of live composing and improvisation. Whether your classroom is virtual or in-person, these exercises can be successfully used with student groups of all sizes and experience levels. Be sure to bring your instrument so you can take part in the improvisation and composition games yourselves!

Joseph Sowa - Biographical Information

Whether it’s cartooning, linguistics, natural history, and pop culture, Joseph Sowa embraces diverse influences to create music of detailed textures and vivid colors that speaks to mind, body, and heart. His music has been performed by students, professionals, and amateurs alike, including groups such as Collage New Music, Ensemble Dal Niente, the Genesis Chamber Singers, the Ludovico Ensemble, the PRISM Quartet, and middle and high schools across North America. He has received awards from ASCAP, the American Prize, and the Barlow Endowment and holds a PhD in Music Composition and Theory from Brandeis University. He currently teaches at Northeastern University and at his Wizarding School for Composers. Joseph serves on the executive board of the Music Creators Academy, founded initially in 2020 as a virtual summer music experience to provide middle and high school students the opportunity to continue making music during the COVID-19 pandemic. The MCA has gone on to publish the e-book "Teaching Musical Creativity: A practical guide for music directors" through F-flat Books and to hold virtual residencies and clinics in schools across the United States and Canada.

Benjamin Taylor - Biographical Information

Benjamin Dean Taylor is a composer of contemporary concert music. His energetic, adventurous music provides a uniquely refreshing sonic experience for performers and audiences alike. Trained as a trumpet player and pianist, he performs with and writes music for a variety of chamber ensembles, jazz combos and big bands, wind bands, orchestras, and choirs. As a sought-after composer for wind band,Taylor has been commissioned by over 100 band directors of players at all educational levels. He received his doctorate degree from Indiana University and currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife and six children.