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December, 15, 2021
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM


W 193


Kathleen Horvath

Kathleen Horvath

Muscleship: The Often Overlooked Foundational Element of Performance Teachnique

Clinic Synopsis:

String Instrument Performance requires coordinated action between the eyes, the brain and both arms. But, teachers often focus on the development of technique while systematically ignoring the role that the musculature plays in creating these motions. Poor technique can also lead to performance injury. Explore how to incorporate movement science focused teaching strategies to create good muscular health and musical success.

Kathleen Horvath - Biographical Information

Dr. Kathleen A. Horvath is Professor of String Education/Pedagogy and Director of Orchestras at Case Western Reserve University. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in string education, conducting, and assessment. In addition to her duties at CWRU she is Instructor of Double Bass and Conducting at the Cleveland Institute of Music. She continues to be an active chamber and orchestral performer on Double Bass.