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Anne Fennell

Anne Fennell
Mary Luehrsen

Mary Luehrsen

Our Collective Power Through Music Education - The Real Civic Engagement

Clinic Synopsis:

Join Mary Luehrsen and Anne Fennell as they guide participants to delve into music education and its alignment with civic engagement, from school to community and music enterprise. Civic engagement through music education invites students to connect outside of themselves and contribute to their community and society as active participants while addressing societal needs and creating positive change.

Anne Fennell - Biographical Information

Anne Fennell is President of the California Music Educators Association, the K-12 Music Program Manager for San Diego Unified School District in San Diego, CA, and the immediate-past Chair for the NAfME Innovations Council. She holds a bachelor’s in music education, a master’s in educational leadership studies, Orff-Schulwerk Certification Levels: I-II-III and over 90 graduate hours in additional coursework. Her experiences include 32 years of teaching music composition and steel drum ensembles in grades 9-12 (10 years) and Kindergarten-Grade 8 music education through Orff-Schulwerk (22 years), in addition to leading both vocal and instrumental school ensembles in civic, professional, and national conference performances. She is a published author through Pearson Education, the GRAMMY Foundation, The Percussion Marketing Council, as well as Disney’s Little/Baby Einsteins. She presents workshops and keynotes nationally and internationally, as well as for the national American Orff-Schulwerk Association, state MEAs, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), China music education conferences through the support of the International Music Products Industry (NAMM), and the International Society for Music Education (ISME). She has received numerous state and national awards, which includes the 2020 Technology in Music Education National Teacher of the Year, 2017 Magnet Schools of America National Teacher of the Year, top 10 GRAMMY Music Educator Finalist for 2016, and top 3 Music Educator award from Music and Arts in 2015.

Mary Luehrsen - Biographical Information

Mary Luehrsen is director of public affairs and government relations for NAMM, the National Association for Music Merchants and Executive Director of the NAMM Foundation. Luehrsen oversees NAMM’s government relations and advocacy efforts that affect support for music education and impact NAMM members as global music product businesses. Her role with the NAMM Foundation focuses on support for music research, and philanthropic and public service programs that advance music making opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. She leads NAMM’s efforts to advance music education for all children through the SupportMusic Coalition - a vast network of global partnership organizations united to create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to know the joys and benefits of learning and making music. She spearheaded the development of NAMM’s GenNext and Music Education Days programs that host thousands of university music faculty, students and music educators at the annual NAMM Show in California to inspire career options in music, connections with the music industry and advance opportunities for music learning. A former professional flutist and music teacher, Luehrsen acknowledges her inspiration for work as a music education advocate to her first music teachers in a small, rural community in the US and a belief that all children have the right to learn and grow with music. Luehrsen also supports leadership development for music students in her role as Professor of Practice at the University of South Carolina School of Music.