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December, 21, 2022
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM




Fredd Sanchez

Fredd Sanchez
Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew Rodriguez

Starting a Mariachi Program for Non-Mariachi Teachers.

Clinic Synopsis:

In this clinic you'll learn how to start a successful beginner's mariachi program, instrumentation and balancing, culturally appropriate practices for uniforms, music, and how to integrate mariachi lessons using existing method books as well as when to introduce mariachi specific method books.

Fredd Sanchez - Biographical Information

Fredd Sanchez is a proffessional Mariachi and educator in San Diego, California. He is the committee's lead for the SUHSD's mariachi department and has been teaching mariachi for over 20 years. He created the CTE program's course alignment for the UC system course fulfillment in the state of California. He is the founder of Mariachi Continental de San Diego and Mariachi Clothing Company. Through Mariachi Clothing Company's youtube channel, he creates music lessons and musical curriculum for all mariachi instruments to help non mariachis learn the fundamentals of the guitarron, vihuela and guitarra de golpe as well as music theory applied to mariachi music. He currently teaches full time at National City Middle School and Sweetwater High School.

Andrew Rodriguez - Biographical Information

Andrew Rodriguez is a music educator located in south San Diego. He began playing mariachi at the age of eleven and continues to be active in the mariachi music scene. His studies include a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Masters of Art in teaching from SDSU. Andrew currently teaches at Bell Middle School where he teaches band, orchestra, and his newly established mariachi program. Offsite, you can find him teaching mariachi for a local community group on Saturdays.