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December, 19, 2022
01:30 PM - 02:00 PM




Lisa Michaels

Lisa Michaels
Peter VanDuzer

Peter VanDuzer

S.H.O.P. Talk - No Booster? No Problem! Building A Music Support Group From Scratch

Clinic Synopsis:

It takes a village to grow a music program and your parent community is an integral part. Parents are not only tax-paying advocates who have standing with principals and superintendents, but they can also be great assets in developing your music program. By building and effectively engaging a parent support network, you can fulfil program goals and improve student success. Learn about the successes and experiences that led to the establishment of an Association of Music Parents (AMP).

Lisa Michaels - Biographical Information

Lisa Michaels co-founded Bandology in 2017. She is passionate about the value and benefits of music, having seen its impact on her own children - all saxophonists. In addition to serving as Executive Director of Bandology, Lisa has spent more than two decades running her own businesses as a marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur. She also sings with an award-winning a capella chorus.

Peter VanDuzer - Biographical Information

Peter VanDuzer has been actively engaged in the greater music community for many years. After establishing an Association of Music Parents at a local high school, he co-founded Bandology in 2017. Helping youth plan activities at Band Camp is reminiscent of the many years Peter spent running summer camps in northern Ontario. In his current day job, Peter manages a national home improvement store.