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December, 20, 2022
04:30 PM - 05:30 PM




Margaret Halinski

Margaret Halinski

Music Induced Hearing Loss: Origins, Mechanisms, and Prevention

Clinic Synopsis:

Music induced hearing loss (MIHL) is a specific category of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Music induced hearing loss occurs after repeated high levels of music exposure. This type of hearing loss is insidious, as the permanent effects of MIHL present decades after music/noise exposure. This session will introduce the anatomy and physiology of our auditory pathway and changes that ensue after music/noise exposure. Strategies will be recommended to help prevent hearing loss in the future.

Margaret Halinski - Biographical Information

Dr. Margaret Halinski is a Doctor of Audiology at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital in Schenectady, NY where she diagnoses and treats patients who have hearing loss.  She earned her Doctor of Audiology degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  Her capstone project was entitled “Cochlear Inhibition in Musicians and Non-musicians” for which she received the 2014 SIRCA award from the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  She has a Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Multiple Woodwind Performance from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Her Bachelor’s Degree in Saxophone Performance and Jazz Studies is from Northwestern University where she earned summa cum laude.  She has presented at the Wisconsin State Music Conference, Iowa Music Educators Association, DODEA schools at West Point, NY, St. Peter’s Health Partners, Indiana State University, College of St. Rose, NYS Speech Language Hearing Association, and American Academy of Audiology.  She is also a member of the advisory board for New York State Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program.