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A Conversation With Dr. Paula Crider

Clinic Synopsis:

Interviewed by Tim Lautzenheiser “A CONVERSATION WITH…" is an annual favorite of The Midwest Clinic schedule-of-events. Each December a revered member of our band/orchestra community sits center stage and treats the audience to a one-of-a-kind personalized sharing. This year's spotlight-of-acknowledgement is being focused on Dr. Paula Crider. Paula (PC) is Professor Emerita at The University of Texas, where she was twice awarded for distinguished teaching. Her list of accolades, awards, recognitions, achievements, and contributions is endless. Maestro Crider stands at the summit of our profession. You will be boldly reminded of the importance you play in the lives of your students and your entire community. Best of all, it will be delivered from the mind-heart-and-soul of an exemplary role model: Dr. Paula Crider.

Paula Crider - Biographical Information