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Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie

There Never Is Enough Time to Rehearse! The Most Efficient Music Rehearsal Strategies

Clinic Synopsis:

Dr. Robert Gillespie will guide teachers through general principles and 60 practical rehearsal strategies to maximize rehearsal time and get students to sound their best as quickly as possible. Video clips of school orchestras rehearsing music for concert performances will be featured. Clips will include demonstrations of rehearsal strategies to improve intonation, rhythmic accuracy, tone and sound production, tempo, dynamics, balance, and musical expressiveness.

Robert Gillespie - Biographical Information

Dr. Robert Gillespie, violinist and professor of music, is responsible for string teacher training at The Ohio State University, which has one of the largest and most extensive string pedagogy degree programs in the nation. Dr. Gillespie is a past national president of the American String Teachers Association and a frequent guest conductor of all-state, regional, and festival orchestras throughout the country and Europe. He is co-author of the Hal Leonard string method book series, Essential Elements for Strings, the leading string instrument teaching series in the country. He is also co-author of the college text Strategies for Teaching Strings: Building A Successful School Orchestra Program, the String Clinics to Go DVD series, and the Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra texts for GIA publications. In 2003 he received the Distinguished Scholar award from his colleagues in the School of Music at Ohio State University. He is a member of the editorial committee of the Journal of Research in Music Education.