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December, 22, 2023
01:30 PM - 02:30 PM




Jane Detweiler

Jane Detweiler

[email protected]

How You Doin’? Dealing With the Hidden Challenges of Anger, Burnout, Anxiety, and Depression

Clinic Synopsis:

This session will cover practical skills in dealing with anger, burnout, anxiety, and depression, four of the most common mental health challenges faced by music educators. You will learn why we get angry and what to do about it, what to do when anxiety and depression descend, and how to restore your spark after burnout sets in. In addition, you will learn about the 5 needs of all people, what type of students may trigger you the most, and how to connect with kids who seem unreachable.

Jane Detweiler - Biographical Information

Jane Detweiler is a graduate of Butler University's Jordan College of Fine Arts and Western Michigan University's College of Counseling Education and Counseling Psychology where she received her Bachelor's of Music in Music Education (1997) and Master of Arts in School counseling (2004) respectively. She currently has active therapy practices in Holland, MI (Whitney Counseling) and Grand Rapids, MI (The Truism Center) where she sees an average of 100+ clients per month. After 24 years of teaching, Jane retired and was given the distinct honor of being named "Emeritus member" in the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA). With over 40 Division I ratings at District and State festivals, Jane has proven herself to be a highly sought after conductor, clinician, and adjudicator for both MSBOA and MMEA festivals. She has presented at the Michigan Music Conference twice in 2014 ("The Joy of Teaching!") and in 2019 ("Middle School Kids! How to Harness Their Energy and Fall in Love with Teaching Again!") and was a pioneer in starting the first West Michigan Mariachi Banda at Wyoming High School. Most recently, Jane created her own YouTube channel (2018) entitled, "Real Band Director" which tackles common mental health challenges faced by band directors and skills based training for all.