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December, 20, 2024
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM




Marilea Zajec

Marilea Zajec

The History of the Midwest Clinic -- What a Story!

Clinic Synopsis:

The history of the Midwest Clinic is fascinating, from its meager beginnings to the multi-million dollar spectacle that occurs today. Here you will learn about about the six different venues that the Clinic has called "home," and also understand why the "Band Clinic" was organized in the first place. Along the way, there will be numerous first-hand recollections of the Clinic's many special activities, particularly in its early days.

Marilea Zajec - Biographical Information

Marilea's lengthy association with the Midwest Clinic began in 1961, when she performed with the VanderCook College Band. The next four decades saw her on stage not only with the VanderCook Band, but also with the Northshore Concert Band, as well as the Directors' Reading Band and Orchestra, totaling approximately thirty appearances. In addition to the above-mentioned organizations, Marilea has been a member of the Louisiana State University Symphonic Band and Orchestra, and the Baton Rouge Symphony, playing bassoon and contra-bassoon. When the Clinic moved to McCormick Place West, Marilea secured the position as the official greeter and information resource. Marilea's most important contribution to the Midwest was writing "The First 50 Years," the history of the Clinic, which she co-authored with her late husband, Victor Zajec. His extensive involvement with the Midwest also spanned nearly six decades. Beginning in 1946, with the very first one-day "Band Clinic," Victor's Clinic activities included conducting his bands in concert twenty times, as well as performing on Eb clarinet with the Northshore Band on multiple occasions. As a member of the Midwest Clinic Board from 1983 to 2005, he served as Secretary, and also as Chairman of the History and Archives Committee.