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These handouts were distributed at clinics presented at the 2004 Midwest Clinic. In some cases, the original documents have been reformatted for display on our website. The Midwest Clinic gratefully acknowledges these clinicians for giving us permission to distribute their handouts via this website.

"Practice Smarter Not Harder — A Clinic for All Musicians"
Thomas Bacon

"Keeping in Step with Sousa"
Col. John Bourgeois

"Redefining the Boundaries of Middle Level Band Technique Through New Works by Master Composers"
Michael Colgrass

"Music Teacher Burnout is Preventable"
Lynn Cooper

"Clarinet Emergency Room: Solving Performance Problems in Your Clarinet Section"
Paula Corley

"Kodály Method and Its Influence on Teaching Wind Instruments in Hungary"
Jozsef Csikota

"21st Century Trombone — Brass Fundamentals for the Year 2004 and Beyond"
Michael Davis and Bill Reichenbach

"Playing Without Pain: Strategies for the Developing Instrumentalist"
William Dawson

"Swingin' to the Promised Land: Yikes! My Jazz Ensemble Made It! — What Do I Do Now?"
Jose Diaz

"What is Done Without Joy is Zero! Make Warm-up and Tuning the Middle School/High School Band/Orchestra the Best Part of Your Day"
Joseph Dobos

"How You Can Positively Impact State Education Policy — It Can Be Done!"
Robert Floyd

"Latin American Bands, Music and Composers"
Glenn Garrido

"Making Composition Part of the Band and Orchestra Curriculum"
John Ginocchio

"Trumpet Solutions: 'Let's Get Back to Fundamentals!' — Keys to Developing an Excellent Trumpet Section Through the Understanding of Proper Tone Production and Fluid Articulation"
Bryan Goff and Christopher Moore

"Helpful Hints for Community Bands"
Gerald Guilbeaux, Bruce Ammann, Ron Demkee, and Pam Potter

"A Recipe for Improved Conducting: A 'Baker's Dozen' Suggestions for Daily Improvement"
Michael Haithcock

"Can't Remember Percussion Technique? Teaching Percussion for the Non-Percussionist"
Steve Houghton and Linda Petersen

"Croc's, Kookaburras and Creativity: Aussie Answers from the Band Room"
Ralph Hultgren and Jemima Bunn

"Establish Your Own Student Leadership Program"
Scott Lang

"'From Carnegie Hall to the 50 Yard Line: Approaching Concert and Marching Ensembles with the Same 'Vision'"
John Madden

"Building Your Instrumental Music Program in Urban Schools"
Kevin Mixon

"Management Techniques and Musical Skills: The Twin Foundations of 'Pin-Drop-Quiet' Band and Orchestra Rehearsals"
David Newell

"Piccolo Perspectives — How the Piccolo Differs from the Flute and Its Role in the Concert Band"
Nan Raphael

"Helpful Guides to Improve Single Reed Articulation"
Edwin Riley

"Dealing with the Challenges of the Small School Band Program"
Handout 2
Mohamad Schuman, Rodney Bennett, and Richard Sherrick

"Premium Blend: Middle School Percussion Curriculum Utilizing Western and Non-Western Pedagogy"
Bob Siemienkowicz

"Developing Your Brass Section Through Brass Quintet Literature"
Texas Tech University Faculty Brass Quintet

"We're Percussionists, Not Drummers: More Mallets in Beginning Band"
Leslie Timmons and Nicholas Morrison

"Golden Tone Defined: Obtaining Premium Sound from Your Saxophonists"
Kenneth Tse

"Ensemble Recording 101: How to Get Better Results with Existing Equipment"
Ross Walter

"Blueprint for a Successful Program"
Alfred Watkins

"Building a Quality Low Brass Sound: Simple and Effective Techniques for All Levels"
Thomas Zugger