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These handouts were distributed at clinics presented at the 2003 Midwest Clinic. In some cases, the original documents have been reformatted for display on our website. The Midwest Clinic gratefully acknowledges these clinicians for giving us permission to distribute their handouts via this website.

"Creative Practice Strategies for the Improvisational Conductor"
Carolyn Barber

"Assessment in Band and String Classes: Why, What, and How Do You Test?"
Wendy Barden

"Performance-Based Assessment of Instrumental Music Education"
William Bauer

"Beginning Band: Effective Teaching Strategies During the First Six Weeks"
John Benzer

"Tips and Tunes for the High School Brass Quintet"
Beaumont Brass Quintet

"Tuning the Band by Ear"
Mike Brown and Rob Myers

"Campbell's Percussion Soup: All the Ingredients for Healthy Percussionists"
James Campbell

"Marches are Music!"
Philip Chevallard

"Non-String Players Teaching Strings: Then and Now — A View from Two Generations"
John Clinton and Jeffrey Bishop

"Building Bridges that Last: University/Community Ensembles Build Lasting Connections to the Local Community,
Area High School Programs, and Home School Programs "

Otis French

"Starting and Developing a Middle School Jazz Band Program"
Ruben Garcia and Michael Hoover

"We are the Music Makers - Who Stole Our Dreams and Musicianship?"
Doris Gazda

"A Fundamentals Guideline for the First and Second Year Band Student"
Diane Gorzycki, Melodianne Mallow and Jolette Wine

"Leadership On and Off the Podium"
David Gregory and Jay Wucher

"'How Do We Get There From Here?' A Step-by-Step Approach for Classical String Teachers to Expand Their Programs
to Include Fiddle, Jazz and Rock Styles. "

John Harrison and Rob Loren

"Beginning Band and Orchestra for Senior Adults: This is Serious Fun!"
Linda Hartley

"Teaching Principles of Ensemble Performance During Warm-up"
Leslie Hicken

"How To Get Your Oboe and Bassoon Players To Help Your Band and Orchestra Win at Contest"
Wendal Jones and Glenn West

"Building Your Own Web Page"
John Kuzmich

"Maximizing Your Vibes & Marimba: Expanding Mallets Into Latin Jazz, World Music and Percussion Ensembles (& Big Band Tips)"
Arthur Lipner

"The Quintessential Quintet: Using the Woodwind Quintet to Improve Your Instrumental Music Program"
Montpelier Quintet

"Teaching Comprehensive Musicianship While Developing Great Performing Ensembles"
J. Steven Moore

"The Lead Trombonist and the Jazz Trombone Section"
Matt Niess

"All Music Must Dance — a Study of Weak to Strong in Phrasing"
Weston Noble

"Baritone...? Euphonium...? Whatever!! A Band Director's Guide to the 'White Elephant' of the Brass Family"
Joel Pugh

"Your Success is Our Success...Building Partnerships"
George Quinlan, Jr. and Mark Goff

"T.A.M.E. Your Horn Section for a Better-Sounding Band"
Gary Reeves

"Giving Beginning Bowing Technique a Music Purpose"
Bret Smith

"All Ears: Aural Exercises for Every Day"
Fred Sturm

"College Student and Beginning Teacher Track: "You've Made It This Far, Will You Make It the Rest of the Way?"
Frank Tracz

"Great Conducting Ideas Stolen From Friends and Colleagues"
Don Wilcox