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These handouts were distributed at clinics presented at the 2006 Midwest Clinic. In some cases, the original documents have been reformatted for display on our website. The Midwest Clinic gratefully acknowledges these clinicians for giving us permission to distribute their handouts via this website.

"Bring on the Beautiful Bassoon"
Rod Ackmann

"The Care and Feeding of the Second Band: Second Band Does Not Mean Second Best!"
George Boulden, Susan Creasap, Don Devany Peter Griffin, and Christopher Knighten

"The Elusive Enigmatic Euphonium (Tips for the Band Director)"
Brian L. Bowman

"Developing a Professional Sounding, Tight and Musically Sensitive Ensemble - Starting with Your Percussion Section!"
Gwendolyn Burgett-Thrasher

"Developing Student Portfolios in Your Band/Orchestra Program"
Frederick Burrack

"Chamber Wind WORKS with High school Bands: Realistic Repertoire and Practical Applications"
Patrick Casey

"Percussion 101 Refresher: Focus on Teaching Percussion Accessories"
Jim Catalano

"Be Your Own Expert at Recruiting/Retaining Band/Orchestra Students"
Larry Clark, Marcia Neel, John O'Reilly, and Bruce Pearson, Panelists; Bill Harvey, Moderator

"Flute Vibrato: The Magic Ingredient"
Kaye L. Clements

"Who’s Really Reading? Developing Music and Sight-Reading Skills in the Orchestra Class"
Andrew Dabczynski

"A Sour Note! Why Does Instrumental Music Stop After High School? One Solution: Community Bands. Here’s How!"
R. Scott Davidson and Stephen W. Pratt

"Playing Without Pain: Physical Exercises for Dexterity, Flexibility, and Relaxation"
Kathleen DeBerry Brungard

"Applying and Auditioning For College As a Music Major"
Don DeRoche

"Compositional Jazz Band Drumming"
Steve Fidyk

"Careers in Music"
Antonio Garcia

"Rhythm Pedagogy for the String Orchestra"
Fritz Gearhart

"Teaching to the Future!"
Bob Gillespie

"Japanese Band Literature: Its Musical, Educational, and Cultural Value for American Band Programs”
Yo Goto

"In Celebration of Bands and Orchestras: Treasures of Time from Midwest”
Richard K. Hansen

"Marches: Rehearsal Techniques and Performance Practices”
Robert Jorgensen and Gene Milford

"The Instrumental Music Student as Composer: Infusing Composition into the High School Rehearsal Setting through a Collaborative Composition Experience”
Libby Larsen and Scott A. Jones

"The Maestro, The Master, The Mentor”
Tim Lautzenheiser

"High School Student Clinic: Practice is NOT homework! Making the Most of Your Practice Time"
Kevin Lepper

"The Symphony Orchestra: Keeping it Off the Endangered Species List"
E. Daniel Long

"Integrating Assessment with Instruction in Instrumental Music Education"
Wendy M. McCallum and Sheila J. Scott

"The Efficient Band Rehearsal"      "Turning Your Passion into a Profession"
Charles T. Menghini

"Clarinet 1,2,3-Clarinet 101: The Basic Fundamental Skills and Repertoire for Clarinet Every Director Should Know for Their Beginner to College Level Student"
Dr. Janice L. Minor

"High Brass Notes: Don’t be a Sourpuss"
Paul Morton

"A Teacher’s Guide to a Happier Tuba Section"
Richard Murrow

"GET IT AND KEEP IT: Building and Maintaining Support for Your Jazz Program"
Mary Jo Papich, Ronnie Rios, Bob Breithaupt, John Day, and Larry Green
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"Principles of Expressive Playing: Bringing Life to the Notes with Young Bands and Orchestras"
Bruce Pearson

"Teaching Beyond the AP Music Theory Exam: Innovative Tools to Teach What Colleges Expect of Your Students"
Susan Piagentini and Jennifer Snodgrass

"The British are Coming: Exploring Musicianship through 25 Years of New Literature for Middle and High Schools"
Tim Reynish

"Keyboard Percussion; A Common Elements Approach To Teaching and Performing"
Dr. Lisa Rogers

"Practical Rehearsal Strategies That Lead to Music-Making: Habits for Success"
Scott Rush

"Top Ten Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Teaching"
Clark Sheldon

"Inspiring Students for Inspired Performances: Rehearsal Strategies for Band,Orchestra, and Jazz Ensemble"
Dean Sorenson

"Overtures for Overtones: Recruiting, Developing, and Inspiring Your Low Brass Section"
Sotto Voce Tuba Quartet

"Band and Orchestra Intonation: Teaching an Ensemble Skill"
Dr. James South

"Developing Excellence in the Small Schools Band Program"
Alan Wagner

"Performing Artist Master Class: Jazz Style and Phrasing"
Bill Watrous

"Mysteries, Myths and Misconceptions: Mastering the Clarinet’s Unique and Perplexing Problems"
Charles West

"Conducting and Teaching, We Must Excel at Both"
John Whitwell