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These handouts were distributed at clinics presented at the 2002 Midwest Clinic. In some cases, the original documents have been reformatted for display on our website. The Midwest Clinic gratefully acknowledges these clinicians for giving us permission to distribute their handouts via this website.

"Computer Music Technology 101"
Brian Anderson

"Trumpet Talk for Teachers"
Patricia Backhaus

"Composers on Composing for Band"
Mark Camphouse, Frank Ticheli and W. Francis McBeth

"A March is a March is a March (with apologies to Gertrude Stein)"
Raoul Camus

"Re-hear-sing the Whole Orchestra — Getting the Most Out of Your Full Orchestra"
John Clinton

"The First Two Years — Excellence from the Start"
Sample Documents
Brian Cole

"How Firm a Foundation: A Standards-Based Vision for Beginning String Instruction"
Andrew Dabczynski

"Strings With Salsa? Multicultural Expressions for the Beginning Orchestra"
Kathleen Deberry Brungard and Michael Alexander

"Building a Better Bassoonist — Fundamentals for Successful Bassoon Playing"
Basic Bassoon Fingerings
Daryl Durran

"Practical Tips, Music and Exercises to Teach Musicianship from Day One"
Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark

"Taking Steps Towards Better Tuba Playing"
Skip Gray

"If I Could Start Over Again, I Would...On-the-Job Lessons from Young Teachers "
Dory Jones, Steven Nendza and Ernesta Suarez

"It's a Digital World: Modernizing String Ensembles With Electric Instruments, Pickups, MIDI Synthesis and Published Charts"
Reva Kuzmich

"Teaching Through Performance or Performance Through Teaching? A Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Band"
Setting a Curriculum
Laurie Lafferty

"Insights and Strategies for Developing a Music and Media Technology Program"
Therese Laux and Margaret Pavlik

"Hearing Problems for Music Students and Teachers: Reasons, Solutions, and Effective Precautions"
Howard Lehman

"Hey, They're Playing My Song! Percussion Music for Middle School Percussion Ensemble"
Kevin Lepper

"My First Teaching Position! How Do I Find It and What Will They Expect of Me?"
Ed Lisk

"Improvise in Concert Band?"
Lissa Fleming May

"Success Through Professionalism"
Charles T. Menghini

"Building a Better Band Through a Better Horn Section: The Five Quickest Ways to Improve Your Horns"
Patrick Miles

 "Is European Music Practical for American Bands? — YES!"
Part 2
Johann Möesenbichler

"Building Bridges Through Music: Gaining Support By Making a Positive Impact in Your Community"
Shirley Strohm Mullins

"Basic Bow Technique for Cello and Bass: Usable and Effective Concepts for String Teachers"
Allen Nisbet

"S.O.S.: Sequencing, Organizing and Using Standards in the Jr. High Orchestra"
Denese Odegaard

"Seven Simple Steps to Start Successful Snare Drummers"
Part 2
Part 3
Nick Petrella

"Conversations About String and Orchestral Education Today"
Marvin Rabin

"Style in Conducting — We All Start from the Same Black Notes on the Page. Then What?"
Robert Rÿker

"Reeds and Mouthpieces: Exposing the Myths to Discovering the Reality?"
Michael Skinner

"Percussion in the High School Band: It's the Little Things That Count"
Larry Snider

"Teaching Basic Jazz Improvisation" Music Examples
Jim Snidero

 "Making Your Brass Quintet a 'Special Forces' Unit"
The United States Air Force Band of the Rockies Stellar Brass

"How to 'Fall in Love' With Flute or Why the First Steps Are So Important"
Matej Zupan