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These handouts were distributed at clinics presented at the 2007 Midwest Clinic. In some cases, the original documents have been reformatted for display on our website. The Midwest Clinic gratefully acknowledges these clinicians for giving us permission to distribute their handouts via this website.

All 2007 Clinician Handouts (67MB Zip File)

“If You Don’t Know Where You Want To Go, Any Road Will Take YouThere; Making Decisions That Will Improve Your Band”
Terry Austin

"For Orchestra and Band – Programs United – The Benefitsof Combining Your Jazz and String Ensembles!"
Orbert Davis and Melody Balicki

"What Do You Do When You Find Out That Your Bandis NOT the ‘Blue Devils”…What Now? Ideas Tips andTricks for a Successful Marching Band"
Steven Barnett

"Backto the Future – The Legacy of Frank L. Battisti – AConversation with Ed Lisk"
Frank Battisti

"Beyond the Bag of Tricks: Helpful Strategies for Beginning InstrumentalMusic Teachers"
Scott Bersaglia, Teresa Elliot and Brian Silvey

"Band Instrument ‘Quick Fix’ Repairs"
Gregory Biba

"Great European Marches – A Survey of Europe’s Famous Marchesand Related Performance Practices"
Leon Bly

"Recruit,Retain, and Train Your Low Brass Section: Techniques That WorkK-12 and Beyond"
Thomas Bough

"Setting Up for Success in the String Classroom"
Brenda Brenner

"Musical Mentoring and the Trumpet Pedagogy of Vincent Cichowicz"
Bruce Briney and Luis Loubriel

“What’s Wrong With This Picture? An Extreme Makeover for Your School Bandand Orchestra Percussion Section”
James Campbell and Julie Hill

"Using the Daily Warm-Up Routine to Teach Basic Fundamentals and EnsembleSkills and Concepts"
Greg Countryman

"Developing Ensemble Quality in the Middle and High School Band”
Richard Crain

"Your Band or Orchestra Flute Section REALLY Can Play in Tune!”
Kathy Daniel

"Starting Beginning Flute and Clarinet Students, A Focus on Teaching for Characteristic Tone"

Loraine Davis Enloe

"Successful Beginning and Intermediate Junior High/Middle School PercussionConcepts"
Jerriald Dillard and Lamar Burkhalter

"So You Want a Music Job? An Overview of Current Middle School andHigh School Hiring Practices for Experienced and New InstrumentalMusic Teachers"
Wade Dowdy

"Sailing with the Slide: A Guide to Trombone Slide Technique for Band”
Brad Edwards

"Unlocking Standard Tunes for Improv: Use Your Keys!”
Antonio García

"R & R Required: Recruiting and Retention in the Total Band Program”
Anthony Gibson and Jay Lester

"Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your New Music Facility”
Steve Grubish

"With a Little Help from My Friends”
James R. Holcomb, John Vance and Dru Davison

"Performance Psychology in Music: Issues and Strategies for the Group and theIndividual”
Erik Janners

"Teach Clarinet as Though You Played It!"
Howard Klug

"The Iowa Model of Excellence: Structuring a State-Wide Mentoring Program"
Leon Kuehner and Elizabeth Fritz

"Have No Fear!! A Band Director’s Guide to Marching Percussion"
Bret Kuhn

"The Journey Begins: Career Planning for the Young Music Educators"
Scott Laird

"Organizing Your Band/Orchestra Program To Fit Your School and Your Life" 
Bill Laughlin

"Nerf Balls Not Required! Teaching Resources and Helpful Suggestionsin Training Your Saxophone Section to Sound Really Good”
Gail Levinsky

"So You Want to Be a Composer? Let a Group of Successful ComposersMentor Your!"
Francis McBeth, James Barnes, Eric Ewazen and Mark Rogers

"Zen and the Art of Conceptual Improvisation"
Martha Mooke

"Creating a Mariachi Program that Works: There is a Method to this Madness!”
Marcia Neel

"Breathing Life Into Your Conducting"
Erica Neidlinger

"Beginning Strings – Keep It Simple”
Denise Odegaard

"The Next Step: A Young Teachers’ Guide to Making Choices ThatPositively Affect Their Life and Career”
Brett Richardson and Reagan Brumley

"How to Fall in Love with the Euphonium and Want to Play it Forever"
Gail Robertson

"Beginner Band: We’ve Only Just Begun"
Dawn Russo

"Just Say ‘Oh': Improving the Sound, Intonation and Responseof Your Brass Section… and Your Band"
Nicholas Santoro

"Help Me Help You: Useful Tips for Making the Most of Your Time witha Guest Clinician, Conductor or Composer”
Rodney Schueller, Jeffrey Gershman, and Frank Ticheli

"Improve Your Percussion Section by Fixing the Things That Drive You Nuts!”
Robert Snider

"Tending to the 10% - Revisiting, Refreshing, and Reinvigorating the ConductingTechnique"
Scott Stewart

"Rehearsing With Commitment: Imaginative Listening and Creative Interaction"
"Conducting With Commitment: Finding a Visceral Connection to the Music”
Mallory Thompson

"Organize to Optimize: What All Music Teachers Need"
Frank Tracz

"Teaching Old Tricks to New Pups: Musical Decisions for Rehearsal That EnhanceLiteracy in Beginning Band Class"
Marguerite Wilder and Linda Gammon

"Creating Musical Expression with Non-Pitched Percussion"
Eric Willie