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These handouts were distributed at clinics presented at the 2005 Midwest Clinic. In some cases, the original documents have been reformatted for display on our website. The Midwest Clinic gratefully acknowledges these clinicians for giving us permission to distribute their handouts via this website.

"Taking Your Band to the Next Level: Teaching and Developing the Intuitive Aspects of Musical Performance"
Bobby Adams

"Educating Today’s Versatile Percussionist: ‘It’s All About the Basics"
Tim Adams

"The Band Room is the Music Room: Starting to Develop Comprehensive Musicianship"
Milton Allen

"So What’s the Big Deal about the Double Bass in String Class?"
Deborah Baker Monday

"Singing in Band and Orchestra"
H. Christian Bernhard II

"Incorporating Jazz Concepts in Contemporary Jazz Charts with a ‘Dose of Duke’"
Ron Carter

"No Bones About It: Bonified Advice for the High School Jazz Ensemble Trombone Section"
Continental Trombone Quartet

"The Dirty Dozen: Identification and Elimination of Twelve Mannerisms Inhibiting Expressive Conducting”"
Patrick Dunnigan

"The Events Leading to the Composition of ‘Lincolnshire Posey’"
Michael J. Fansler

"Percussion Mallet Instruments in Concert Band Literature: The Fourth Dimension"
Mark Ford

"The Adult Home Helper: An Untapped Resource for the Band Director?”
James Froseth

"Beginning Band: Recruitment, Retention, Results”
Nancy Golden

"Fix My Saxophones: Inventive and Creative Teaching Techniques for Improving Young Saxophonists"
Paul Haar

"Historical Opera Transcriptions for Harmoniemusik and Suggestions for Modern Performance"
Bernhard Habla

"Surviving the Worst-Case Scenarios of High School Band"
Chad Nicholson and Chris Heidenreich

"'If I Had Those Players, My Ensemble Would Sound that Good, Too.' What Are the Truths and Myths Behind this Statement?"
Bradley Kent

"Your Orchestra Has Achieved Its Goal When It Can Perform Without You"
Lyndon Lawless

"Knowing the Background of a Composer and a Composition DOES Make a Difference"
David Littrell

Victor López

"Alternative Style String-Teaching: All Levels"
Julie Lyonn Lieberman

"More Helpful Hints for Community Bands: Conduct, Don’t Talk"
David McCormick

"Fundamentals of Fine Flute Playing Made Simple"
Ervin Monroe

"Awakening the Unlimited Potential of Young Musicians: Stimulate Any Ensemble to Perform at the Highest Level"
Jean Montes

"Writing, Arranging, and Re-Arranging Music for Your Young Band"
Randy Navarre

"We Already Teach More than Music: Interdisciplinary Approaches For All"
Amy Novick

"Tuning and Toning: Opening Pandora’s Box …"
Thomas O'Neal

"The 3 B’s: Better Bow Arms for Beginners"
Bob Phillips

"Improving Your Low Brass Section with the Low Brass Ensemble"
Harvey Phillips and Norlan Bewley

"Teaching the Masses: How to Successfully Recruit a Plethora of Beginning Band Students"
Perry A. Ralenkotter and Darren Webb

"So You Want to Teach the Oboe: A Teaching Guide for the Non-Oboist"
William T. Robinson III

"Making the Grade: Current Trends in Music Assessment"
Mitchell Robinson

"Balancing Acts: The Left Hand and the Mechanics of Pitch Production on the Violin (Beginning-Advanced)”
Peter John Sacco

"GYBHSMTCAAM – Guiding Your Best High School Musicians Through the College Audition and Admissions Maze"
Dwayne Sagen

"From Classical to Contemporary in the String World"
Daryl Silberman

"A Clarinet Choir in Every Band? Improving the Quality of Your Ensemble Through a Real Choir Approach"
Guido Six

"'A Bullfighter, A Bagpiper and a Grand Bass Slap-a-phonist Walk into a Bar...' It's No Joke!"
United States Air Force Academy Winds

"The Pursuit of Excellence: Tips on Providing a Positively Life Changing Experience for Your Students"
Dean Westman, Greg Bimm, Frank Troyka and Joe Lapka

"The Indiana University Violin Virtuosi"
Mimi Zweig